Nail polish and accessory haul

Monday, February 08, 2016

Hello everyone, 

I'm back with a nail polish/accessory haul today. I have got so many great things that I have picked up recently and love, so lets get on with it!

So first of all, I got this Pretty Quick dip and twist pot which basically makes your nails strong, healthy and stops you from biting them. I try to apply this between putting nail polish on. So far I have been really liking this and it tastes bitter so for anyone who bites their nails this would be perfect. It just makes your nails stronger and I have noticed that my nails look really shiny and healthy when I have used this. I believe you can get this online and they do quite a few different ones on amazon. 

I also got 3 new Models Own polishes that my mum bought for me. They are all from the festival range, in order they are: Purple Bandana, Green fields, Blue Skies. I love all of these and think they will be perfect for summer nail art and will be using them a lot as Models Own nail polish is one of my favourite brands. They are really bright and you can get a good solid colour in two coats, which is perfect. 

I have used this polish once already and that is the Rimmel glitter polish, the one I've got is called 'All glittered up.' This is such a nice confetti nail polish that has lots of big glitter chunks so it looks so good over another colour or you can wear it over a clear polish. Its called glitter nail polish but what I like about it is that its more flakes instead of just glitter, but I can say is that it will be a bit of a struggle taking this off so be warned, this polish could be dangerous! Anyway this is really good to just put on to make your nails look a bit more like you have put some effort into them for a party etc. 

I also now have a load of Nail art pens some of which I bought and some I got given. These are three separate packs: one contained the red and gold pens with the red and gold rhinestones in the bottom. Then there were the blue and silver pens with the silver and blue rhinestones in the bottom. Then I got the clear nail polish pen and the white nail polish pen. These are all really good and useful if your just starting in nail art because they are a reasonable price but you can do a lot with them. They are easy to use, plus once you have finished using the polish in the pens you can wash them out and use a different polish in the pen afterwards!

I also ordered a nail art brush set from amazon. This was cheap but so far I have been loving using them, it comes with lots of different types of brushes including angled brushes, fan brushes, striping brushes and some dotting tools too. This is very good for people starting out with nail art as you can do so many different things with these brushes but it's also good for people with more experience in nail art. Unlike makup brushes I don't really see how wrong you can go with a nail art brush and so far I have been loving experimenting with these!

I hope you enjoyed this little Febuary Haul and comment down below what you have been loving so far this year. See you soon!

Emily x

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