Monochrome colour pop nails

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello everyone,

Today I have got some nail inspiration and tutorial for you, on these monochrome/colour pop nails (that's what I'm calling them anyway)! So scroll down for more below! 

I started off with base coat and then two coats of Barry M matte white polish on four nails and on for my accent nail I used two coats of this Kiko green, unfortunately Kiko polishes don't have names but I'm sure if you look for it in the green section you will find it (anyone who has been in kiko knows what I mean by the 'green section'). For the details I used the Rio professional black nail art pen.

This nail art pen comes with a really thin striping brush so it was perfect for doing the little lines on top of the white polish. I just drew thin little lines all over the nail in lots of different angles, theres no right or wrong really!

So I hope you like this little nail art inspiration. Obviously the Kiko green can be swapped out for anything you like and pretty much any colour works! I'm tempted to use a neon pink or orange for the summer, I think that would be good. Anyway comment down below if you tried this out or what colour you would use for this design, see you soon.

Emily x

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