5 tips to smudge free nails!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hello everyone, 

Today I thought I would talk about a topic that I'm sure is half the reason why a lot of people don't like to put on nail polish and that is the drying time. I know I'm the same, I'm not the most patient, so if there are any ways to help speed up the process I'm going to use them! So I took to pinterest and tried out some methods to get your nails nice and dry as quick as possible.

1) Entertaining yourself

It is pretty boring just sitting with your nails out waiting for them to dry, so I like to go on my computer, tablet, watch some TV or youtube because then I am distracted meaning I'm not going to start trying to poke them when they still aren't dry. 

2) Allowing enough time

I know if there is one thing that stresses me out about doing my nails then that is not having enough time to do my nails. I always predict I will have enough time and before I know it I'm rushing to leave the house or change clothes etc meaning that I walk out the door with at least one smudged nail. So my advise is make sure you leave ENOUGH time so you don't end up like me!

3) Nail drying spray

I actually got given some of this not too long ago and when I looked at it I thought it sounded good but I wasn't really convinced that it would actually work but now that I have used it, I think that it is AMAZING. This is probably a life saver if your so impatient and none of these other techniques will work on you. I just spray this onto my wet nails, wait a minute and voila they are dry! This can also act as a topcoat if you don't have one or don't have time to apply one as it makes your nails super shiny!

4) Fast drying nail polish

Now I know this might be a bit of a stupid one but if you seriously don't like waiting for polish to dry, try looking for fast dry polish next time your browsing for a new colour, it saves time and still looks good. Simple!

5) A cold soak

If you can brave it, try dipping your nails in freezing water, it feels weird but it does actually work as nail polish hardens at cold temperatures. I do this when my nails are kind of dry but not fully, it works really well! 

So that is it for my nail drying hacks, I hope you found at least one of these helpful.  Comment bellow any tips you have because I would really like to read them. See you soon. 

Emily x

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