The perfect shades for Autumn

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hello everyone, hope your having a good Sunday!

I am loving Autumn so far and because it's Autumn this means it's time to get out the berry shades. I think anything red, orange or berry toned looks so good at this time of the year. I'm sitting here writing this in a berry coloured jumper right now!

Here are 5 berry shades that I already had in my collection that I thought I would show you today just because everyone has got to have a bit of berry in their life!

So in order:
1) Revlon-Autumn Berry
This is a really nice dark red with a slight gold glitter shimmer throughout. This would definitely look amazing for christmas.

2) Nails Inc. Magnetic polish-Kensington palace
This is a very metallic kind of maroon/dark red. It dries very quickly and is magnetic too!

3) Pro Strong-Merlot
Again another shimmery red but a lighter red than the others with a hint of glitter.

4) Kiko Magnetic Lacquer-703
This is a really deep plum shade in a metallic finish.

5) China Glaze-Awakening
This is a light off-pink with gold glitter throughout.

Here are some close ups of each polish, I love the shimmer in all of them especially in the revlon polish and china glaze polish you can see little gold glitter pieces which I think look so cool.

These are the berry shades in my collection but there are so many out there so I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration. Comment down bellow any shades that you like to wear for this time of year, I would love to know!

Emily x

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