Birthday Nails

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello everyone, 

So yesterday was a very special day as it was my birthday! So today I just thought I would show you my birthday nails and what I used to do them!

I decided to go for a pink theme as its my birthday and because who doesn't like pink nails? So this bright pink I have used on my thumb and middle finger is Maybelline Forever strong polish in the shade rose fuchsia or rosy pink. I really wanted to use this as this is new from my 'given haul' and I can say now this colour is SO good. Its really bright and it really surprised me because you can get a really solid colour in just one coat which was amazing. It also dry's really quickly and is very hard as it contains iron in it too. This would be PERFECT for people who need a colour thats quick, easy to apply, quick drying and lasts a long time because this polish basically tics all the boxes. So anyway I loved that one!

Then I did a nude pink with black polka dots on my 2nd and 4th finger as I really liked this design from my monochrome nails and thought it went really well with the other pink, plus this design really reminds me of the Topshop makeup packaging, anyone else think that? 

So then for my accent I just went for some simple gold glitter and this polish is actually another from my 'given haul' and that was the mini Nails Inc glitter polish which doesn't have a particular name but its just a standard gold glitter and to be honest you can't go wrong with a bit of sparkle!

And that was the finished look! I had such a fun time yesterday and I think this design would look really nice on a special occasion or just casual wear. And you can always swap out the colours for maybe a blue theme or a neutral theme, its up to you! I hoped you liked this post, please leave a comment down bellow what you thought and maybe what you want next? Maybe a birthday nail polish haul? Who knows? Please check out my social media in the sidebar,

Emily x

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