A little 'given' haul!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you my little selection of nail polishes that I very kindly got given from my nan as she says she has way too much, but we all know I would never say no to nail polish! When I looked through the bag I found some really nice stuff in there so I thought I would go through some of my favourites today.

First of all I was really pleased to get this very bright pink polish by Barry M called shocking pink because it says it in the name, it's so bright and really good quality with two coats and everyone loves Barry M polish, I mean you can't really go wrong with that! 

Next I got these two really cute little glitter polishes by Nails Inc in gold and red and I already think these will be really good for christmas as I do love a bit of christmas nail art, just a bit...

Next I got this surprisingly big Revlon polish in the shade autumn berry which I love, I think this will be perfect for autumn obviously and looks slightly metallic/shimmery on the nail so I really liked that one too! And sorry for the not so good photo of this one, the sun was changing all the time yesturday!

Next I was surprised to find another Nails Inc polish but this time it was this bigger bottle of metallic nail polish and it comes with the special magnet on top. I own another one of these in blue and it is really nice but that didn't come with the magnet so I am very excited to see if this works. But it's a good colour anyway so if it dosn't then I won't be complaining!

Now I think this is my favourite out of them all and it is the china glaze Midnight Kiss and this is AMAZING it's just so shimmery and glittery and sparkly, two coats and it is completely opaque, I have been wanting a proper gold polish that's not just a glitter topcoat and this is it. This is only my third china glaze polish but now I can see the hype for these polishes. I just love it.

So that is it for this little 'haul' I hope liked it and hope that encourages you to look at some other brands of polish that maybe you haven't tried or maybe buy one of these! Comment down below what you thought and one you liked the best. 

Emily x

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