Ice Neon Pink Cheetah print nails

Monday, June 01, 2015

Hello everybody!

Yesturday I decided I would redo my nails. I wanted to go for something simple and then I found this Models Own Ice Neon polish, got excited and thought I would use it again!

I did try some other designs out after I had painted the pink as the base but they turned into some nail fails (I may have got a bit too excited and overloaded the polish on my nails), so I thought I would just keep it simple and redo one of the old faves that I used to do SO much and that is the leopard/cheetah print design.

This neon pink is so bright and bold, (we are talking a deep highlighter pink) that is how bright it is, so if your not a person who likes a really bright colour, this is not one for you. I forgot how effective this cheetah print pattern was and I'm sure it will be popping up in another post soon.

So anyway I hoped you liked this post comment bellow if you did and if your excited for summer because it is the 1st of June today! I'm so excited!

Emily x

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