2True Metallica polish + dot nail art

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hello everyone,

I thought I would do a little mid-week post on my nails that were done last weekend. I wanted to show you these dotted kind of gradient nails? Thats what I am calling them anyway, using 2true pro Metallica nail polish. I feel I am having a slight metallic slash chrome nail polish obsession at the moment so expect more of that stuff coming by the way! I got this a little while ago because the price was so cheap and because the purple colour looked nice but I didn't know what it was going to be like and this is the second time and the verdict is pretty good! 

Here is a close up off the polish, I was surprised because even when you just put the first coat on, it gives the metallic finish straight away so to be honest you could wear one coat and it would look good. I think this would be good for the summer when you just want to paint your nails or toe nails quickly as it is also REALLY fast at drying.

Ok so for the actual dots I used the Models Own grape juice pastel colour and Barry M matte white. Then I created these with a dotting tool. I got this one for about £1.50 at Claire's but you can get a lot of cheaper ones in different sizes on amazon. I just dipped the bigger end of the tool into the white polish bottle to start off with and just scattered some dots onto the nail concentrating on the tip of the nail. Don't worry about getting these too close together yet, do this on each nail. Then I used the grapefruit colour to fill in the gaps. Remember to keep dipping the dotting tool into the polish every couple of dots and wipe the tool every now and again to get any dry polish off.

This is how I did these dot nails, hope you liked them, comment and +1 if you did!

Emily x

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