Easter speckled mini egg nail art

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hi everyone,

Now I have seen this design a lot on google and Instagram and wanted to re-create this for Easter. This is a 'mini egg' inspired mani using pastel colours, in this case, models own: Apple pie and grape fruit from the fruit pastel range. If any of you know the models own ranges, there is a 'speckled egg' range but I don't own any of these and thought I get bit more FANCY and do my own! 

You might of also noticed that you can't actually get pastel blue mini eggs but I was looking for an excuse to use my models own pastels and am yet to own more pastel colours so I had to stick with that, although I am currently ordering a pastel yellow by rimmel so yeh, I am getting there with my pastel collection! If you want to use the actual colours of the mini eggs the colours you will need are; pastel pink, yellow, purple and white.

I also just wanted to say that this isn't my own design, I have seen this on other blogs online like I said but this is just how I created it. Ok so I started off with a base coat and then applied apple pie to my thumb and 4th finger with the grape fruit on the other fingers, I used 2 coats of the colours on each nail for strong colour. Then for the speckled bits (the brown chocolate bits you get on mini eggs) I used some brown acrylic paint but obviously you can use brown kind of nail polish if you have that kind of colour. Then I used a tooth pick or you could use a small brush or old pen point, to make little, quite random dots on the nail. These dots shouldn't really be the perfect kind of dots, to get the effect they need to be random with some joined together and just kind of unrefined and not too neat and exact.

So that is how I did this Easter egg mani, I hope you liked it and have a good Easter!
Comment bellow what Spring time designs or colours you want to see next and I will see you soon.

Thank you, 

Emily x

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