Nail art Inspiration: Ice Gradient/Ombré Nails

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to show you a simpler way of making gradient nails or ombré nails, as some like to call it. So I actually went skiing over the half term for the FIRST time, and I wanted to do something inspired by the snow and ice, on my nails for the trip. I didn't have loads of time to do something complicated but I still wanted them looking good with a 'snow' kind of theme. I thought of gradient nails but let's be honest the whole sponge method would take me ages and I didn't have the time and really couldn't be bothered (don't laugh at my laziness). So I searched around and half using stuff I'd seen and half just my mind, I came up with this.

This is kind of a quicker gradient nail art design you could do, without the hassle and stress! The colours are two different shades of blue/turquoise to fit the theme. On the bottom I used models own apple pie (the pastel range) and on the top: Barry M. 

Sorry I haven't got any step by step pictures but I didn't have the time! You can see here though that I have started with the models own pastel colour and I did 2 coats of that with my Barry M 3 in 1 as a base coat.Then I just wiped nearly all the paint off the darker blue colour and gently, starting from the top of my nail, brushed downwards stopping halfway, I did this until the tip of my nail was covered in the new colour.
This only works well if you make sure you have barely got any polish on the brush and you brush down your nail, from the tip to the middle. 

To blend it more I used the brush just to try and fade the darker blue into the base colour. Once I had done that I put my topcoat on STRAIGHT AWAY (that is important!) when it is wet and brush downwards trying to blend the colours more. 

I also found that when I had used nail drying spray after my pastel colour and then applied the second colour whilst the spray was drying, it made it blend better and generally created a cool effect.  

So that is my version of a kind of 'messy', I guess gradient/ombré nail design that is quick and easy with a NO STRESS guarantee. Hope you liked this tutorial comment what you thought, I know it isn't what everyone likes but hopefully some of you did! Please comment if you did like it, pin it, post it, +1 it; everything!

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